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Why did you volunteer at Pueblo Ingles?

At Diverbo we wanted to know what you, volunteers, think of Pueblo Ingles. So, we decided to ask you this simple question through our Facebook “Diverbo Fans” page and this is what we got:

Joanne Larose
I love learning about new cultures and places. It really opens my eyes up to the rest of the world. I’ve hosted many international students that have travelled to Ottawa to learn English and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Becoming a volunteer at Diverbo allows me to help others while visiting and exploring a new country. Something I love to do!

Susan Jane Anderson
Andy and I came to Pueblo Ingles on the back of an article in a Sunday Paper and never looked back. I cannot think of anything I would rather do than join such an eclectic group of people of all ages and backgrounds and talk! Most importantly too, you finish the courses with lifelong friends having shared that unique experience!

Linda Chesman Byard
I saw an article about Pueblo Ingles in a newsletter some time ago and thought it might be an interesting experience. But when the time came, we were so unsure about what the program might be like, that we also signed up for a week of hiking and a week of touring in and around Madrid. But our week at Pueblo Ingles was by far the highlight of our time in Spain. Whatever we gave, we got back tenfold.

Patty DeProspero Rogers
I hosted a Spanish exchange student who became so dear to me that I wanted to know more about Spanish people and their world! I have also always wanted to volunteer abroad, and being a busy working mom, a one week obligation is very manageable!

Judy Hooper
I saw PE on the Today Show. joined and found it to be one of the best experiences of my life. It was great meeting people from all over the world. Cant wait to go again.

Karl Muriel West
My colleague told me about it after she had attended and everything she said was true and better. It was a very interesting experience. I particularly enjoyed meeting the Spanish students and learning about their varied backgrounds.

Anna Rocchi
A friend of mine saw an article in a seniors’ magazine. Also, I spoke with someone who had done it and couldn’t say enough about it. I tried it once; loved it. I just volunteered again this past September, and will definitely be doing it again.

Stuart Milsom
To be a volunteer with PI is an amazing experience. I originally joined after seeing it on the holiday programme in the UK many years ago. Nothing else I have done has led me to walk so far and talk so much. In Feb 2013 I will return for my….not even sure what number this is 12th? 13th return trip? And I know already that I will meet people from all over the world, swap stories, share memories, sing songs and discuss some topics that will put the world to rights! The venues that are used are in the most beautiful of locations, and the staff in the hotels cannot do enough to help you and always have a smile on their faces. The team behind PI will also look after us and make sure we are fed and watered (well, wined really) and make sure that our days are never boring, with group activities and theatre in the evenings and the odd surprise along the way too. All in all I would recommend this to anybody, and have done so to many friends who say the same as me. Thanks for the experiences and I will see you again soon.

Lindsey Crane
In answer to your question: I joined Pueblo Ingles initially because I was looking for a completely different volunteer vacation opportunity. I wanted to break out of my own life for a little while, experience an amazing country that I have always wanted to visit, and help others at the same time. The experience was really one of a lifetime. I met some of the most incredible, interesting people I have ever met on my one-week Pueblo Ingles excursion, both Spanish and Anglo. I still keep in touch with many of my fellow participants, and I hope to see them all again someday.

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