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Volunteering abroad at Diverbo´s Pueblo Inglés

“Our days were so well-structured that time flew by”. This is how Sharon Green, an American volunteer at Diverbo’s Pueblo Inglés in Cazorla, Andalucía last summer, describes her experience with Diverbo: “I fell in love with Spain while visiting my son, who was studying abroad in Granada. I hoped to return someday, but knowing no Spanish was a problem. That is, until a friend told me about Diverbo. This well-run English immersion program was my opportunity to see more of beautiful Spain while speaking English”, explains Sharon in an article published in Buff News: www.buffnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20130131/OPINION/130139932/1074.

Sharonpoints out that all you need to be a volunteer at a Diverbo’s Pueblo Inglés inmersion course is patience, the ability to talk and express yourself clearly and correctly in English and the empathy and ability to correct people if necessary. “Our “work” began as soon as we boarded the bus in Madrid for our four-star resort in the Andalucian Mountains. The Spaniards who accompanied us were eager to talk. Before we hit the highway, English conversations had begun. Our days, although long, were so well-structured that time flew by. Each day included “one-on-one” chats with one Spaniard; “two-to-twos,” when two Anglos conversed with two Spaniards; and room-to-room phone conversations that challenged the Spaniards to understand English without benefit of facial expressions or gestures. After siesta, evening activities included impromptu presentations and hilarious skits. We ate our delicious meals together. We Anglos rotated through the tables of four, so by the last day we had dined with every Spaniard. At lunch and dinner, wine fueled lively and lingering conversations. No Spanish is allowed, so at midweek a late-night dance party celebrated the Spaniards’ hard work speaking English all day. Because they were eager to practice English, I listened much more than I talked. I hadn’t anticipated how rich and stimulating the conversations would be. These well-educated, well-traveled Spaniards, ranging from their 20s to their 60s, lead very interesting lives”.

One thing that’s for sure: Sharonwill never forget her experience thanks to Diverbo. “The Anglos in our group, who hailed from Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, were equally interesting folks – some recent college graduates; others, retired professionals. I never imagined how close we’d become in just eight days and how much we’d learn about one another. And I didn’t expect to laugh so much. Friendships formed, and funny stories and jokes were shared”.



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