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Volunteering abroad at Diverbo´s Pueblo Inglés

“Our days were so well-structured that time flew by”. This is how Sharon Green, an American volunteer at Diverbo’s Pueblo Inglés in Cazorla, Andalucía last summer, describes her experience with Diverbo: “I fell in love with Spain while visiting my son, who was studying abroad in Granada. I hoped to return someday, but knowing no Spanish […]

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Volunteer opportunities and counsellor jobs open at Diverbo

Start planning your summer! We have just opened our offer for volunteers and counsellors for the year 2013. Apply now and don’t miss your place! Do you like working with people? We are a leading provider of language courses seeking enthusiastic, innovative and hard-working individuals who wish to flourish with our rapidly expanding organization. We […]

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Why did you volunteer at Pueblo Ingles?

At Diverbo we wanted to know what you, volunteers, think of Pueblo Ingles. So, we decided to ask you this simple question through our Facebook “Diverbo Fans” page and this is what we got: Joanne Larose I love learning about new cultures and places. It really opens my eyes up to the rest of the […]

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Visiting Casa Patas with our volunteers

Every Thursday at Diverbo is Casa Patas day. We gather our Anglo volunteers who come from all over the world in this hidden spot of Madrid, the house of Flamenco, and we enjoy a typical Spanish meal and dance. By Beatriz Calvo Last Thursday I had the opportunity to visit Casa Patas with my colleagues […]

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A week of good food at Pueblo Inglés Galicia

Have you ever wondered what our participants at Pueblo Inglés eat during their week of stay with us? Briana just visited Vilalba (Galicia) and she published a post in her personal blog about the food that she most enjoyed. Hope you enjoy it as well! By Briana, Blog: (La Vida Rica) The people at Pueblo […]

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Summer programs start at Pueblo Inglés

As our summer programs hit their first week, we have created a story based on what users said about Pueblo Inglés in Twitter this week: [View the story “Summer programs start at Pueblo Inglés” on Storify] Summer programs start at Pueblo Inglés Summer of 2012. Everything is ready for a summer full of fun and […]

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Meeting the one, by Terri Wingham

“I cannot think of anything more vulnerability inducing than spending a week speaking a foreign language. A week where you are not permitted the security of your mother tongue – not even for five minutes – (I think many of us would rather chew on broken glass). So, you can imagine the respect and admiration […]

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How to make the most out of a spare day in Barcelona

Barcelona, known by most people as the modern capital of Spain, has many attractive places to go. You could spend a week there and still not be able to see everything! Here is a list of how to get a good “feel” of the main highlights of the city in just one day. Early morning […]

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The English Village volunteer, by Dylan Lowe

Dylan Lowe, who spent a week at Pueblo Inglés teaching English, share in Student Travelog his experience. “It’s hard to believe that, mere seven days ago, as we were spirited away from regal Madrid to rural La Alberca, a town of medieval charms and one of Pueblo Inglés’s host venues, the now-parodied awkwardness did keep […]

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Talking your way to Spain, by Carla Waldemar

“Most of us vacationing abroad can interact only with taxi drivers, waiters, and hotel clerks. Here, in the Pueblo Ingles program, the conversations quickly make the leap from “Where do you live/What’s your job?”  to politics, religion, abortion—and those are merely the safe topics”. These words come from Carla Waldemar, an anglo who spent a […]

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