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Pueblo Ingles is a week long program where you speak no Spanish

By Tiffany Trent, Anglo Volunteer

It is just English – a full immersion week.  You have to provide your way there, but they provide all meals and hotel rooms.  They have programs in Spain, Germany, and now Ireland!!  I actually saved money because I didn’t have to pay for gas, groceries or eating out, or entertainment.

We  “worked” from 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

With 1 1/2 hrs nap after lunch.  I say “worked” because I did not really consider it work. I was getting to know some great people!  We not only spent formal time together, we also had our meals as a part of the program – we had to sit Spanish – English – Spanish – English at every meal.  It was delightful to meet so many new people and I could have easily gone on my own because we had to sit with different people at every meal and we did other things as an assigned group.

The food times are much different than the USA.

Learning About ButterfliesBreakfast was at 9 a.m., Lunch was at 2 p.m., and Dinner was at 9 p.m
Breakfast – this is only showing one side of the buffet.

I went to a teacher’s week and a regular week where mostly business people attend.

During the teachers week, we had presentations from the English speakers, there are one-on-one conversations, two-on-two conversations, theater, group activities, and the teachers had to present a 10 minute lesson.

The Teachers in Vilalba

During the regular week, there are one-on-one conversations, two-on-two conversations, group activities, theater, presentations by English speakers, 2 presentations by the Spanish speakers, conference calls, telephone sessions and more.

The Business People at La Alberca

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