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My Big Cats Journal: Smart books for kids

By Nicola Hardy

Recently a friend of mine who is a mum of two, was complaining about the over-abundance of “dumbed down” books for kids. It´s as though people assume that because kids are small, they can´t grasp facts or can only understand slapstick humour and jokes.

Big Cats Journal
My Polar Animals Journal

By Steve Bloom
Published by Thames and Hudson

These two books for kids by photographer Steve Bloom combine stunning photography with journal-entry style text that is readily accessible to children from a wide age range and thankfully contains no anthropomorphised characters.

The information is presented in a scrapbook format, with the narrative text combined with hand-drawn sketches, facts and interesting photography tips.

The diary/journal entry style of writing speaks directly to the reader and enables them to become a part of the story. These books are great for learners at varying levels and are destined to become much-loved favourites over many years.

This style is perfect for a reader who loves animals and is at a reading stage between picture books and chapter books. The easier language of the main text combined with the more scientific facts ensures there is something for everyone. And the pictures are always a hit with younger brothers and sisters. Highly recommended for boys and girls aged 7-12.

Extra… See more of Steve Bloom´s photography here

Find out more about these books for kids here:

Big Cats Journal
My Polar Animals Journal

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