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Free holidays in Spain for teen native English speakers

Pueblo Inglés offers free holidays to those anglo Teens who fancy a two-week summer stay talking English to Spanish teenagers.

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Pueblo Inglés, an English immersion course for Spanish students, invites 13 to 19-year-old English speakers from around the world to live and converse with Spaniards. In exchange they receive:, new international friends and free room and board and a great time at a charming village in Spain.

La Alberca - Pueblo Inglés

Swimming pool in La Alberca’s Pueblo Inglés


Teenagers who are native English speakers travel to Spain from all over the world to take part in this 1 or 2 week “talkathon”. They get to meet Spaniards of the same age who are looking to improve their command of the English language. However, this is not about learning English grammar in the classroom, but about exposing Spanish speakers to natural speech. For this reason, anglo Teens are encouraged to speak as naturally as they would with their friends back home.

Colby Price, Teen “Master of Ceremonies” comments, “We are really delighted to offer this opportunity to teenagers from around the world. In addition to participating in such a worthwhile initiative the teens will receive an award that certifies their contribution in volunteer hours.”

Free vacations for teens

Teens at Pueblo Inglés

This teen camp with a cultural twist includes activities such as one-to-one conversations, competitive group activities, theatre skits and games which add up to 15 hours of talking a day. “They forge friendships for life, and this is their chance to swap the TV screen for sunscreen this summer!” says Luke Nightingale, Program Coordinator.

During the program, the group is led by a Master of Ceremonies and Program Director, and with the help of numerous onsite counselors they focus on ensuring that the teens get maximum enjoyment while maintaining a safe environment.

Since July 2004 Pueblo Inglés has welcomed thousands of native English teens – American, Canadian, Irish, Scottish, Maltese, British, Australian, South African and Kiwi teen volunteers in the fabulous land of Don Quixote, where the official language is no longer Spanish.

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