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Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials: makeup vocabulary B1.2

It is the time of year when we are starting to think about what to do on Halloween, what the best costume to wear is and how to make ourselves up for the occasion.

Emily corps brideHere at Diverbo we thought about you and looked for some of the best Halloween makeup tutorials on the web to help you make up your mind and make a grand entrance. Our number one favorite is the Emily Corpse Bride, which features colorful make-up with lots of interesting tricks.

For all of you Spanish speakers, we also added vocabulary from the video related to the field of “make up” and the context in which it appears, so that you can follow it easily and use the video as an tool for learning English.



In the video, the girl explains how to create the exact skin color for Emily Corpse Bride. She needs to mix several different colors. She says: “I’m gonna mix all my cream colors”

The girl squeezes the make-up tubes in order to get the cream out. She says: “I’m squeezing the white cream make up”

In English you apply make-up or a cream to your skin, meaning you “spread it over”. When you apply make-up sometimes you use many layers. After you mix all the colors you need, she says: “start applying that to your face”. She also explains that if you add water to the make-up “it applies so much better that way”.

The girl says she is going to use her fluffy brush to shade, meaning darken or colour, her eyelids.


Related to makeup:

(fluffy) brush

Related to the face:

cheek bones
jaws – jawline
collar bones

Other Halloween Makeup tutorials

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