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Back to school at Diverbo Kids and Teens

At Diverbo Kids and Teens, we have just opened our doors to welcome all the new and returning students. We’ve had a bit of a make-over for their back to school so our classrooms are fresh and inviting.

back to school

Photo: Diverbo Kids & Teens

By Nicola Hardy

Heading back to school can be nerve-wracking for students and parents alike. Parents can help relieve their children’s anxiety by preparing them for class in a positive way. Let them know that they will make new friends, have new experiences and have a lot of fun. If they work hard and behave in class, they will make the most of the experience.

Children also need to be reassured that if they have a question, they should not be afraid to raise their hand and ask. Our teachers are very understanding and patient and love questions!

As a parent, you can share your best memory of heading back to school as a child. This lets your child know that you, their primary caregiver and someone they look up to, has also been through the same experience.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting new friends. There are a lot of games planned and fun activities to enjoy, here at Diverbo Kids and Teens!

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