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A week of good food at Pueblo Inglés Galicia

Have you ever wondered what our participants at Pueblo Inglés eat during their week of stay with us? Briana just visited Vilalba (Galicia) and she published a post in her personal blog about the food that she most enjoyed.

Hope you enjoy it as well!

By Briana, Blog: (La Vida Rica)

The people at Pueblo Inglés weren’t the only things I was falling in love with; the food at the Hotel Attica 21 in Vilalba was DELICIOUS. Sadly, I’m sure I’ve gained 10 pounds just from the shear amount of food they were feeding us each day. Continental breakfast full of egg tortilla, sausages, bacon, pastries, yogurt, fruit, juice, cold cuts, cheese, and LOTS of coffee.

Meat with chips


Lunch was a 2 course meal, followed by dessert of some sort, and always accompanied with glass after glass of wine.


Fruit salad

Supper was the same story – 2 course meal, accompanied by wine, and followed by dessert. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I loved stuffing my face with delicious FREE foods for the whole week. My wardrobe can’t say the same.

Fish salmon


I was very pleased with all of the fish dishes; since Galicia is on the northern coast of Spain, they traditionally cook a lot of seafood. It paired really well with one of the typical Galician white wines, Albariño.


Hake with potatoes

Halfway through the week, I started to follow the lead of many of the Spaniards and eat only half of the first course, and then half of the second course. That way, I could sample both courses and still have room for the dessert without completely busting at the seams.



Scallops in Galician sauce with breadcumbs

Queso & quince


Galician queimada



While the food itself was amazing, what stands out more for me were the conversations that flowed so easily among the gazpacho and Albariños.

Food brings people together, and when you eat every single meal with a certain group of people, every day for a week, you really see that. Good friends, good wine, and great memories.

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