Diverbo: More than Pueblo Inglés

Pueblo Inglés, a unique experience

¿Have you ever thought of getting to know the Spanish culture first hand and not through Wikipedia or third parties?

Do you enjoy meeting different people from a variety of cultural backgrounds, from different Spanish cities,with a variety of ages, and each one with its own singularities?

…and most important of all, do you enjoy meeting up new people, both English speaking and Spaniards who are learning English; and chating, and enjoying yourself while interacting with them for hours, in a nice and isolated Spanish village?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then, you are the right person to come to one of our Pueblo Inglés programmes. Here you’ll be able to do all those things, while teaching English (along with another 19 English speaking people), to 20 Spaniards, just by talking and sharing activities with them.

You are the right candidate to join one of our programmes and forget about your worries for a week, to concentrate on getting to know people through an English teaching program, and find another way to make long lasting friends while doing something really enjoyable!

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